Snarky character, interesting plot line, but a bit predictable

Find Me - Romily Bernard

‘Find Me’ is a wonderful psychological thriller about a hacker girl who takes on a sociopathic, some-what homicidal maniac who has chosen her sister to be his next target. It delves into the world of a girl who has limited time to solve the mystery, before the only family member she cares about is taken from her.

Wicket is a girl who has a criminal father and a mother that died when she was a child. She could be taken as a character that is exceptionally whiny and ungrateful, but, to me, she was a character who had lost faith that anything good was ever meant to happen to her – that somehow because of her past, and what she had to do now, it didn’t make it permissible for her to be happy. And, as a result, she was extremely cynical.

As strange as it may seem, this brilliantly cynical character had a love interest in this novel. Griff. And he’s a boy who had secrets of his own. There’s that vibe of insta-love, but it’s not strong, well, I don’t think it’s that strong. They’ve known of each other for some time so it’s not boy meets new girl etc. It’s kind of sweet and it’s through him and another character that she learns that happy endings are possible.

The story is told from Wicket’s point-of-view and it flows at steady pace. I think in some places it was moderately slow, but by that time, I was already hooked on the story line. The diary entries that began at the start of each chapter sort of told the story of another character – one who wasn’t there to tell her own. It led each chapter and added to the suspense, because you learned more and more about what went on before she was killed.

I won’t deny that it was somewhat predictable. I suspected who the bad guy was about two-thirds the way through the story and it wouldn’t surprise me if some other readers caught on sooner. Luckily, I didn’t mind the predictability because I liked seeing what happened with the heroine once she knew.

The ending made me think that there may be a sequel to this book. I hope there is because I’m a fan of this kind of character and the ability she has.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t help wishing that it had been a little longer. It’s quite a short book. I would recommend ‘Find Me’ to anyone who likes mystery and a suspenseful thrill to his or her books.