New Hope Chronicles Book One Dragon Flame - Pat Harris 'Dragon Flame' is an epic-length novel that reminds me of 'Eragon' only it's based in space. It covers every kind of excitement you could look for in a Young Adult novel. It has elements of adventure, mystery, magic and romance, along with a touch of violence.The plot of 'Dragon Flame' is very diverse and even though it is an epic-length book, it is captivating and intriguing. The setting covers the vastness of space, including Earth and some other weirdly named planets including one called Nod. The novel is very addictive because it is action-packed. What adds to 'Dragon Flame' is that it is easy to tell that Pat Harris had put a lot of thought into the novel before writing it. I could tell by the tales that had been created to explain the prophecies of the dragons and of the one who would make an alliance with them. They were something really special.The characters are interesting and of a wide variety, which is what you'd expect with it being based in space. I loved Alin because he was a very likable character. He was an unsung hero trying to do what was right. He had an inner strength and the emotional depth that was part of the reason I could continue reading. I connected with him. I also liked how he interacted with the other characters. And, I adored how he was with Torienna, his love interest.Another star of this novel was Mirabar, the dragon. She exploded onto the scene in such an expected way - one which I found quite funny. And this is where the similarity with 'Eragon' comes in. Alin and Mirabar had the same kind of bond that Eragon and Saphira did. But that's where the similarity ended because Mirabar had different skills. She had her own heart - which she followed and she was an essential part of the plot. She played center-stage as much as Alin did.As you can imagine, with a book of this length there were several secondary characters and I must admit I enjoyed them. I think it was because they all played their part in assisting with the flow of the story. The blend of characters had the power to move me to tears and to make me angry, happy or just plain relieved.The writing was actually very good, although I did spot a couple of spelling mistakes. I didn't take a note of the page numbers, but the one I can remember is a sentence that had 'severe' when it should have been 'sever' Obviously, a typo, but one that should have been corrected.Now, I must admit that what I didn't like about the book was it's length. It tested my staying power and I think a lot of other readers would end up giving up if they tried to read it in one sitting - I almost gave up half way through. I'm of the firm opinion that if it wasn't for the fact that the author had given me a copy to review, I would have, or I would have set it aside at least.Also, I understand that it was a faith-based novel, but some of it was extreme, especially near the end, but not at the end. I can't say much more because it would be a small spoiler. I didn't feel it was essential to the plot. I knew Alin had his faith, but that final scene with Origin seemed overboard to me and that it could have been done in a different way without making the reader feel uncomfortable (not every reader has the same faith or believes in religion). It felt more like the author was trying to teach me something about religion then it being a natural part of the book - no offence intended to Pat Harris. It's how I felt.One last thing, I didn't like the chapters leading up to the ending - ending. I felt it was just dragging the book on, though I thought the reporters were funny, but it didn't really add to my reading experience.All in all, I couldn't help, but enjoy it though. If there is a Book Two, I'd definitely read it.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes long novels, sci-fi and dragons.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-