Soldier Hill - Phil  Rossi I really, really, hate giving negative reviews, but to be honest with myself and to honor my word that I would give a honest review I have to say I really didn't like this book.Let me start off with the things I did like about it. The premise of the story was good. I loved the idea that two kids could honor someone who had died in a horrific war some years before. I loved how I could definitely tell the character was a male and see through his eyes. I also loved the final chapter where the final resting place of 'Billy' became a place where all soldiers who died and who were from the town could be honored.But, all that was spoiled by the terminology of the book. I didn't understand half of what the author had written. I understand that slang and some terminology is needed to give legitimacy of the era it is placed in, but unless we can time travel and release the book back in 1983, where people can understand everything, then there's going to be people, like me, that are just plain confused.There needed to be a balance between the yesteryear and remembering that the young adults of today don't talk like that and will probably give up half way through the book because they don't understand a word of what is being written. With that being said though, others may think it's great. I didn't.Some of the words are repetitive too. Like the fight scene when the word 'Kidney' was used over and over again when 'ground' would have been easier to understand. It felt, to me, like every piece of slang or terminology that could be introduced into the book was.There was also too much telling in the story. I was told what was going on through Eddie. I know that's what happens when the story is in first voice, but some description would have been nice. I had barely any idea of what the settings were like in each particular scene. Also, there was no emotion to this story. I like books that are character and emotionally driven - and this wasn't. I didn't feel anything that Eddie was feeling. He seemed emotionless. I wish I could have said I really enjoyed it, but I'd be lying. With that being said though, these are only my thoughts on Soldier Hill - if you read it, yours may be different.Anyway, here's my rating :-One out of five stars.This review can be found here