Slumber - Tamara Blake When I decided to read 'Slumber' I didn't expect it to take me to a place I never suspected to go. I thought I'd just be reading a run-of-the-mill novel that was both contemporary and fantasy in flavor, not something that took on the edge of the surreal. But, there was something about this book that made it dwell in my thoughts hours after I finished reading it. That gave it the edge of 'unforgettable'. I never expected the story, or the characters, to affect me so profoundly. 'Slumber' took my breath away. Of course, taking into account that this was based on a kind of fairy-tale retelling, along with some other mythical creatures, it would be easy. I adore books like these.It starts off with Ruby. This character had issues that so many others may have. A mother who moved away from an abusive relationship and now struggles to keep a roof over her and her children's head. But I that's where the similarities end as far as the normal. This mother is drawn into a malicious web that only Ruby can get her out of with a little help from a friend. Ruby was just a typical teenager - minding her own business and trying to help her mother when she was drawn into a world she had never dreamed of joining. Ruby was likable, and I grew attached to her, so I felt myself struggling along with her on her perilous journey. The characters were such a big part of the whole book. What I adored more than anything else was the way the characters were written. There were Fae characters, but forget Tinkerbell. These Fae were written the way of legends. When I did research on them some time ago I found out they were meant to be some form of demon and they were. They were hedonistic, even vile, in the way they acted. Even the hero, Tam, had that dark edge of carelessness against the human race - even though he does sweep Ruby off her feet. I really don't want to say anything else, because I really feel I'm going to give the plot away and I don't want to do that.I just found the book to be pure magic. I won't say the writing was deeply profound, like some other books I've read, but it certainly held a fair amount of charm and appeal. The writing wasn't flat, which can be a killer for books. The pace of the story was lovely. There was always something going on so if a person was looking for an action-packed novel, then this one is certainly worth reading, even if you may not feel the same way I do. There's a realistic edge to it as well.My last thought I had when I finished 'Slumber' was that I hoped like crazy that there was going to be a sequel, because it had an open ending. Anyway, I would recommend 'Slumber' to anyone who likes reasonably dark paranormal romance, particularly including faeries.Now for my rating:-Five out of five starsThis review can be found here:- book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review)