A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness When I first started this book it was hard to get into. Some of it reminded me of a scientific journal but the story drew me in and kept me there.If you can imagine a world where you're a witch who is supposed to distrust, even hate, vampires then you can imagine Diana, the main character. She's not only determined to deny her magic but also denies the law that states that she should not fall in love with a vampire or be friends with Daemons.But it's so much more than a love story. It's about loyalty, love and the right to fight against something that is old school and needs to be brought into modern times. It's about a hunt for a book that claims Witches rule it over Vampires and Daemons. It's about survival against Witches who wish to destroy a woman because of what they believe she knows and the powers she has - even though she is witch herself and they are supposed to be a great big 'family'. It's about knights, the past, and the right to have a future - even if you have to win a war to gain it.I enjoyed the writing style too. It's written in first voice when in Diana's perspective and third in Matthew's. I really enjoyed it being this way because it gave me an idea of what each character was thinking. The only thing I can say against it was I felt at times there may have been a bit too much info dumping, but that was easy to overlook because of the overall story itself.