The Book Thief - Markus Zusak I don't even know what to write except wow! The writing was absolutely beautiful even if it was a dark story. The narrator was perfect - Death. I love how Markus makes me look through the eyes of the other person. He opened my eyes to the fact that while Germany is remembered for the slaughtering of Jews, there were also a lot of innocent German people who were killed in the war - people who believed everyone had a right to be treated equally and who were brutalized for that belief.My heart was with Liesel(the book thief) every step of the way and what she went through and how she survived makes wide-eyed with wonder. And Max, Hans, Rosa and all the other characters, well, they all now dwell in a part of my heart. Only very special books with very special characters can do that to me.I have absolutely no hesitation in giving this a well-deserved five stars.