Drink, Slay, Love - Sarah Beth Durst What do I think of Drink, Slay, Love? For a vampire book it was a huge step away another 'popular' vampire series. The vampires in this story drink human blood, sleep during the day and, if the sun hits them, they burn and crumple into ash. Pearl is one of the younger vampires in a 'family' of vampires. Once she meets a unicorn her adventure begins. 'Unicorn?' you ask. Yep unicorn. I found that kind of funny, but it also explained a lot of the reasons why Pearl started changing. I found it believable when I thought about what I knew about unicorn mythology.Evan, is a human boy, she meets at school, and he and Bethany play a big part in the story as it develops. If you're worried about love at first sight happening here, don't be. Things really get interesting when the 'King' of the vampires gathers to celebrate the Fealty Ceremony. I can't go into it much more otherwise I would just spoil it, but I really did enjoy this book for the plot, characters and just for the refreshing change on the perspective of 'modern' vampires.