Across the Universe - Beth Revis From the very start, I was kind of hooked. I enjoyed reading briefly about the close relationship between Amy and her father and the cryogenics scene was different from what I had read before. It seemed sad that I couldn't read more. I must admit that when I started reading Elder's scenes my mind was frazzled - mainly because I was tired. I did think there was a bit of info-dumping at the start, but decided as the story went that it was a way of world building.Beth created a world that was so possible that it quite frankly scared me. There were elements of what has been discovered and being used today in this book. It was easy to imagine that someone, somewhere, could do what Eldest and the generations of 'Eldests' before him had done and it be used for selfish reasons instead of the common good. I could also see that when the world is depleted someone sending a ship into space exactly like it had been done in this book, but maybe I have an over-active imagination.It's hard to imagine giving up the world you know and to end up in one that is confusing and, quite frankly, dangerous. But that's what Amy did. I was fascinated with the way Beth wrote about Amy. I could feel Amy fighting so hard to adjust to not only a new life, but also one without the parents she loved. She came across as being very strong even though she had moments of weakness. I felt her desperation for the freedom she had found on 'Sol Earth' only to find a weak carbon copy on the ship.Elder was another character who had his own internal battles to fight. He was virtually a slave to man who wanted him to live by his ideals. Elder reminded me of every teenager out there - one who is trying to find his own identity even as he tries to live up to the man who is like a father figure to him. Through the whole story, I felt him growing into himself as he fought for what he believed in instead of others. His friends are lost like him and I think that's why they connected with each other more than anything else. Amy helped him a lot here. She was so different that she was able to show him how different things could be instead of how they were.If ever there was a place where I could find a group of people who acted like sheep, it was in this book. But that's what made this book so good. I could feel the differences between what Amy and I know against the world on the ship. The other characters only made it more special and there were so many elements of human nature in this book. It felt so good to explore the characters, a variety of people from a dictator, to a sociopath, to a real leader.This is a book that is well worth reading. I really give it 4.5, but it was the feeling of info-dumping that stopped me from giving it a straight-up five.