The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

I really wanted to enjoy this book a lot more than I did. Something just didn't click for me though. There were parts of the plot that weren't explained in detail. How did Mara get the ability she had? Why did it only show it itself when she was teenager? But it wasn't only her - I also asked the same questions about Noah. I don't like the unknown, especially when the unknown is an essential part of the plot. There were also questions about Mara's relationship with her mother. Why did she show such a lack of trust in Mara?


I didn't really like her mother. She was such a minor character when I felt her part should have been bigger and better explained. All I knew about her really was that Mara and her had a strained relationship, but no real explanation as to why, well, apart from the fact that she sneaked out of the house before she was injured, or maybe it was the fact that she thought her daughter was crazy.It annoyed me that she didn't have more faith in Mara. Either way it wasn't enough.


There was a whole lot more with the plot that was good, but giving too much information away is spoiling it for other readers.Mara was okay, and at times, I really sympathized with her. I liked how she wasn't instantly popular. There were parts that were very real about her. She stood up for herself at times too, especially while everyone around her thought she was losing it. She was close to her brothers, which was kind of cute. I fought with my brother when I was younger.


I actually liked Noah - he had a depth to him and I think his reputation was a lot worse than it really was. He stood up for Mara when it was needed, especially when his psycho ex-girlfriend tried to get the better of her. The only trouble was that I wanted to know more about him.  Jamie was adorable and kind of protective. I had at one stage wondered if there was going to be some kind of love triangle, but I was glad that never happened. But I didn't like how he just faded into the background at the end after being quite an active minor character throughout the whole book.


To me, the book was okay. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Although, Michelle managed to finish it on a cliff-hanger that does have me interested in reading the sequel if there is one. Maybe I'll find out the answer to all my questions if I do.