Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen There was something really intriguing about reading a book where a female interacted with Robin Hood in his legendary gang.Scarlet is a take on Will Scarlet, only Scarlet is a girl, instead of the boy I've always imagined him to be. There is a lot more to the story than that and it showed with each page I turned. The whole concept of this book was inspired. I love stories like this - where a person is not who they pretend to be. The writing style was enjoyable as was the pace. Scarlet is such a feisty character and it is easy to see why she could be seen as a boy for those who don't look at people carefully. She was resourceful, clever and hid her sensitive side very well. And the truth to her back story was something I didn't expect.I loved her relationships between Rob and John and I liked the twist A.C did with what was potentially a love triangle. The major bad guys were there - Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy. It really was an excellent retake.So, I would recommend this to anyone who likes Robin Hood.Four out of five stars because it just didn't quite have the 'wow' factor for me - even though it was really close.