The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger Dear Lord,I don't think I've read a book where so many teenage issues were mentioned.Bianca is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (Duff) in a trio of girls. Of course, she had never even been aware that she was even considered that way until Wesley, a boy who was famous for being a man-whore, told her in an attempt to get in good with her so he could make his slimy moves on her friends, Casey and Jessica.From then on, I was amused by almost every scene that followed - after I got over my initial outrage of Wesley's put-down. Quite frankly, I would have done more than just toss a drink in his face. But, anyway, moving on...This book covered a range of teen issues such as teenage sex, divorcing parents, alcohol-induced abuse - just to name a few. I don't know if one single person could have all the issues at the same time, but I guess it could happen.The one thing I liked about this book is the way Bianca turned a stereotype around - especially when she started USING Wesley for what he's good for, instead of it being the other way around. It was nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.Bianca was such a snarky, sarcastic character all the way through the book, but I guess the thing I liked was the fact that she knew her own mind - even if she was sometimes wrong in the things she did. That being said, there were times when I wished she had been less that way. When she was in vulnerable scenes, I would have preferred she came across that way.Despite Wesley's initial introduction as a man-whore, I quite liked him - especially as I read on. There were reasons for him being a skunk. In a really strange way, he was always there when Bianca needed him - even if at first it was for the wrong reasons. The thing that was weird for me about Wesley was if he was so popular that he could score big with girls - why didn't he have any friends? That didn't make any sense to me.And then there was Toby - Bianca's crush. He was sweet, but he didn't seem to have any purpose in being there. He was only mentioned briefly at the start of the book and then came back into about halfway through. He made up a part of love triangle that I thought was non-existent.Anyway,I recommend this to anyone who isn't sensitive about teenage sex because most of the plot is based around it.I gave this book four stars because while I found it cheesy and far from flawless, I just couldn't stop myself from loving it. I think it's one of those books where you'll love it if you can laugh at yourself - because there may be circumstances where you find yourself in a group where you are the 'designated ugly fat friend'.