Fever - Lauren DeStefano So what I liked about this book right from the start was how Lauren DeStefano started her opening scene at precisely the same moment she ended Wither. There's something really cool about about how it reminded me of a TV program where I'm waiting for the next episode to be shown.If you've read the previous installment, Wither, you'll know the book is centered around a character named Rhine Ellery and her escaping from her husband, Linden (who I quite like btw) and his sick, twisted uncle, Vaughn.Escaping with her is Gabriel, a manservant who I think she fell in love with earlier. I'm not entirely certain of that because I feel it's more a dependency thing than an actual love thing. Don't ask me why I feel that way because, to be quite honest, I don't really know. I think it's the vibe I get from them when they're together.Fever is filled to the brim with weird, dangerous and slightly insane people. I thought maybe Vaughn was the sickest, but there are seriously some characters in this book that made me think they're on a par with him. Like Madame. She was crazy on a different level then psychopathic Vaughn, but on his level all the same. I kind of felt sorry for her though. And Rhine and Gabriel met her shortly after escaping.I think that's what I really liked about this book. There was never a dull moment. There was, however, something really sad about how Lauren treated Gabriel in this book. He was misused, and I felt as if he was a slightly unnecessary character. He was.... Gah I know what I want to say, but can't for fear of spoilers. You'll need to read the book to know what he was like.The book also focused on the hunt to find Rowan, Rhine's brother. It's interesting how he's becoming a more prominent character, even if he hasn't really been on the scene. I really want to read about him - just to see if Rhine's hero-worship of him is actually worth it.But what I want to see more than anything is to see if they find a cure for the death sentence they have.Now for the nitpicks - only one actually.This book is like any other second book it the series. It's like filler. I know why it's done because it's setting up for the last book, so I guess it's necessary in a way. But, it doesn't stop a reader from becoming frustrated about the slowness of the plot, or what's going to happen to several character we've read about.Now for my rating.4 out of 5 stars