Bronya - Jo Michaels I really liked the premise of this book. The way real life problems are mixed with the unreal is what kept me interested. There's something about having a group of teens with real life issues come together to rescue the world. I like how there's one central figure that appears to hold the story together - Markaza. But, there are a lot of things that need improvement. There's a lot of 'telling' in this book and not much 'showing'. Instead of being told Cecelia likes boys, I would have preferred to have been shown it. Like scenes and dialogue with Bronya finding Cecelia flirting with her boyfriend. Also, there's a lack of emotion running through the book. I was told Bronya was upset, but I couldn't believe she was. For a book that deals with their characters having flaws, I just didn't feel affected the way I should have been. There's little character development here. I knew next to nothing about Bronya - except that she likes girls and she's strong. I don't know her interests, her feelings, her true relationship with her parents (they were barely mentioned).Markaza was a little more developed. I actually got a sense of her. I thought she was strong and a little mean, especially about her mother, but at least I could imagine her.In a strange kind of way, what I read was like a detailed outline of a book. You knew what was going on, and there was some dialogue, but there was so much left unfinished. I know most authors hate hearing 'there is a lot of potential in this book', but I have to say it. Bronya's story hasn't been given the justice it should have been.But, remember, this is only my opinion, and it shouldn't stop you from reading it if you want to. After all, every reader sees different things.Anyway, now for my rating.Two out of Five stars.This review can be found here:-