Dragon's Mind - Vered Ehsani Never have I read about a book where a human brain was a main character. There was no denying the originality of this book. Vered Ehsani introduced me to characters that I would never have considered. I actually sympathized with Dragon, who seemed more like a human than a brain that was floating around in some kind of liquid that kept him 'alive'. He was vulnerable, yet powerful all at the same time.As the blurb above says, Dragon is the human brain that was created and installed to look after an island. He had control over power, water, communications - anything and everything. But he came under risk when he started to remember the boy he once was. It was really weird how I felt as I was reading this book. On one hand, I wasn't sure whether this was my type of book, but on the other I couldn't deny that the book interested me. I think it was the characters. Myth just had that defiant personality plus and she was a perfect match for Dragon. I think the thing I liked was the fact that they had been 'friends' since Myth had been a child. I also liked that there wasn't a romantic thread anywhere. Even though, I admit I kind of wished there had been.The book was written in more than one perspective. It was mainly in Dragon's and Myth's, but there was also chapters that were told in the perspective of the Games Boss and the Albino - the bad guys, I guess.But, that's the other thing I liked about the book, I couldn't decide if one of the bad guys was actually a 'bad' guy. There was a twist in the book that kept me guessing. The plot itself was okay. It's definitely for those who enjoy science fiction of the technological kind. No aliens here. The book's pace was steady, which was good. I didn't have enough time to get bored, and I think it helped I had to keep changing from Dragon's voice to Myth's. I also think it was finding out more about Dragon the boy as Dragon kept flashing back to the days he was a human.There's nothing more I can add to what I've already written really, so I'll just give my rating now.Three out of five stars.This review can be found here http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/