Ashes - Ilsa J. Bick

Told in the voice of Alex, this is a spine-chilling tale about could happen if there had been a strong magnetic pulse.


It's the story about how a world could change in just the blink of an eye - and you could lose your whole family in less than a second.Alex goes to the woods to find closure from her parents death. Dying herself, she chose to scatter her parents ashes in the place they loved. What she didn't expect was to find herself fighting for her life along with two others. Tom, a young soldier and Ellie, a young girl who hates the world and everyone in it.What I liked about this book was the characters.


This book gave me a chance to support each of the main characters. I could understand Ellie and her rebellious nature, Tom's anguish at losing his best friend and the part he played in it, and Alex's determination to do something that would honor her parents, before she died herself.I even enjoyed the secondary characters that came into the book further down the track. I really liked Chris. I'm not sure I see a love triangle coming into this or not, but if there is, I'm going to have a tough choice deciding what 'team' I'd be on. I love both Tom and Chris.


There was a sense of desperation about the book. A sadness in the way that friends and family could become flesh-eating monsters, all from the whim of fate. I couldn't even say they were actually zombies, because these flesh-eating monsters were still alive. They were cannibals. My skin crawled when I read about them. I just couldn't imagine ever doing that myself and I hope I never come across that situation.I think, on the whole, the story line was great. It was like you had the flesh-eating monsters, but there was also something going on between the characters themselves.


I won't go into the story line in detail because that really would be spoiling the enjoyment you would get from reading this book yourself.The only problem that I could see with the book was the pace. I almost gave up half-way through because the story didn't seem to be going anywhere. All I can say is, don't give up. It gets better halfway through the book when something is added to the plot line. I will definitely be going on to read the sequel because of it.I would recommend this to anyone who has a love of science fiction or dystopian novels. And if you enjoy zombie-like books - this will be right up your alley.


Now for my rating :- three out of five stars.