Love and Blood (Blood Ties, #1) - Jessica  Gibson This was a book I got to know about through an online release party. I haven't done a long review for it because I'm not sure what group it falls under. It could be New Adult or Adult.Either way, I really enjoyed the book - mainly because the vampires were vampires. There was a love triangle, but I really didn't know what side I would choose. Both had very likable qualities and some very unattractive ones as well. The reason I gave the book three stars was because of the bed-hopping. It wasn't realistic even if it was ideal for the story. Because, seriously, unless a guy is desperate, he isn't going to stay with a girl who sleeps around on him with another guy, especially if it's an ex-boyfriend who wants her back. Not if he has any pride. Would you?And the ending felt like it came too abruptly, but I have to say it was a very surprising ending and the book had me hooked right from the start.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes vampire stories.