Rise of the Fire Tamer - Kailin Gow

A high fantasy within a game? Ogres, trolls, zombies and not to mention a dragon. What more could you ask for?Rise of the Fire Tamer is a novel about a group of five teens who win a chance to explore a game that their favorite game creator has made. All of them make their way to castle - not knowing that their lives, particularly one life is about to change forever. Each face challenges as they try to win the game that would make them the ruler of Anachronia. But is the game really a game or is it something more? I will leave you with that, instead of continuing to regurgitate the book description.


There seemed to be five main characters in this book, however it appeared there were only possibly two, maybe three, that the story revolved around. That was Gem and Sparks and a secondary character, Roolrick.


The other three main characters felt like they were there just to make up numbers. That being said though, this is only the first book of a series so it could be that the others come into play more in those books. I really enjoyed this story, mainly because I liked how it started as realistic fiction and then went off into high fantasy. I loved the mythical creatures that came into play and how words were used as weapons. And, I also enjoyed the interactions with the dragon and Gem.


There was also a subtle conspiracy in the book that made me want to kick a character for his stupidity But, even then I couldn't hate him because I could understand his reasoning for the things he chose to do.The pace was enjoyable too. I like books that don't bored me to death and this one didn't. This one made me want to go on to read the next in the series.


The writing style of this book felt familiar to me as well. I'm sure it was in the J K Rowling style. It just had that vibe about it - especially at the beginning.I would recommend this to anyone who likes high adventure and a writing style that is somewhat different.Now for my rating:- three out of five stars.