The Seven Markets - David Hoffman

Have you ever read one of those books and thought 'yeah, I like this' and then sat back and wondered, 'Wait...what exactly is this book about again?' Yeah, that's how I feel about this book, Seven Markets.Ellie MacReady is getting ready for her boyfriend to propose to her at a fabled market, however she ends up being bewitched by the Market Prince. She sees through the glamours of several people who visit the market and then gets swept into the mystery of the markets to come.


'The Seven Markets' left me with a lot of unanswered questions - like how the market came to be at all. For a market like this to exist, there must have been some kind of back story to it, yet - nothing. And, that's what kept surfacing while I was reading this book, and as such took something away from my enjoyment. -sigh- There was just not enough world-building for the market itself and the people in it to satisfy me.


'The Seven Markets' was a hodgepodge of genres - fantasy, fairy-tale and science fiction - which I would have normally loved, but something about the book just missed the mark. There's a prince in it, I don't even know his name, he's just known as Prince. That in itself is just weird. Even so, what's his story? Why does he spirit Ellie away? We are given a two sentence answer for it that is just not enough - much like the author had thought 'oh wait, why does he do this?' and then just stuck something in to explain it. (no offence to David) Why had the Prince been exiled? What had he done in his homeland that had made him the member of the royal family who had to visit the market? What exactly was he to begin with that he had that kind of magical ability to be able to entranced Ella? There are so many other questions I had, but I list all of them down.


Characters with no back story or development just annoy me - especially when the book kind of revolves around them.The characters didn't stand out to me. Not that I didn't like some of them. I did like Ellie although my feelings were fixed about her. I thought she was a strong character, but to go through life, just for vengeance over a guy. No, just no. Even though I was kind of pissed off at what the Prince did to make her angry and I did enjoy her antics as the book continued.


The story line was something I enjoyed though. I particularly enjoyed seeing the different time periods. It was amazing the amount of time that passed while this story being told. That made this book unique. Hmm, so I don't really have anything else to add. The reality is, even though I really wanted to love this book, I couldn't. I just felt there was too much missing.


I would recommend this book to anyone who like time-travel books, fairy-tales and something different.Now for my rating:- two out of five wands.