Walking in the Shadows - Cassandra Giovanni, E.S. Tom

This book played with my mind and gave me new meaning to the word 'vampire'.Vera is a girl with a past. A haunting past that she thought she had left behind her. She's an independent girl who falls in love with a boy, well, man really, only to discover later that he is her English Teacher. Unable to resist, even knowing that they could be caught, they continue to date. You'd think that would be the worst. But, no. Vera's past comes back to haunt her in a way she can't imagine when a girl from her school is killed in a 'vampire' style killing.


There was something about this book that I really enjoyed - well, several things actually. I'm a sucker for a good romance and one that seemed star-crossed is my favorite. Add a psychological thriller type plot to the book and you have me hooked. Walking in the Shadows had both. Even though I usually prefer characters to have a loving family, Walking in the Shadows had me appreciating that a character was strong on their own and that the bonds of a family can be developed in different ways.


Vera is close to her boss, who also happens to be her Godmother. Vera goes to school, has a job (even though I don't think she has to work) and has an apartment of her own. You'd think that would be unrealistic, but when you read about the reasons why its that way, you'll understand.I really liked the relationship between Vera and Tad. They were so perfect for each other. Haha, but I would say that being the hopeless romantic I am.Tad was someone who wouldn't give up on the girl he had fallen in love with, even if it meant his career. That's what was so cute about it, while he was not caring, she was.


But the thing that interested me most about Walking in the Shadows was the mysterious, psychological thriller side of it. It reminded me of a CSI episode. Who killed the Vera's parents? Who killed the girl at school and later her boyfriend? And would Tad arrive to save the day when the killer had Vera in their sights? The fact that Cassandra had chosen to use a vampire-type killing style in her book was quite inspired. And the way she tied it in with a vampire movie series know as Crimson Tide even better. It showed the dark side of fanaticism.


Now, I must admit that I felt that the writing itself wasn't up to the same standard as some of my favorite authors, but I still enjoyed it and judged Walking in the Shadows on its other merits.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a cute romance with the cutting edge of a thriller.


Now for my rating:-Four out of five stars.