The Gatekeeper's Sons: Gatekeeper's Trilogy, Book One (Volume 1) - Eva Pohler The Gatekeeper's Sons was a well-thought-out mythical tale of adventure and the search for eternal love.Therese's life is turned upside down when her parents are murdered in front of her eyes. While unconscious, she meet Hip and Than, the twin sons of Hades. When Therese meets Hip and then Than, she realizes that death is not the only thing she has to deal with. She learns that she has to deal with two gods - one of whom wants her as his bride - his future goddess. But there are tests she has to pass to be that.The Gatekeeper's Sons was written in third voice so I got a chance to see both Therese's and Than's side of the story. I read about Therese dealing with her heartbreak with her parents' death and the fact that she had a family member who was a near stranger raising her. And there was Than. There was a surprising amount of emotion in the way Than was written. I could actually feel his pain and his isolation in the job he had to do. He and his brothers had, I think, the worst jobs the Gods could have given anyone. But, and I have to be honest here, I find something really special about being the one to lead a dead and bewildered soul to their afterlife.I loved the secondary characters as well, especially Than's sisters and the way some of the gods were introduced to the story. I got to see some of my favorites, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hermes - and a whole host of others.The story line to this book was enjoyable. I liked reading about the hunt for Therese's parents and what would happen once they were found. I also enjoyed the plot twist surrounding these events.The one aspect about this book that fascinated me was the amount of research this author had done for this book. It was easy to see in the way the book was written. The only trouble I had with this was that it sometimes felt like there was some info-dumping going on and it kind of spoiled it for me in some ways. Not enough that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did.There was another element to the book that kept jolting me out of my reading mode – and that was the fact that Therese was only 15 and Than was 18. When I thought of them together, I kept trying to think it was romantic, but instead it just felt a little wrong. Haha, I think I'm a prude because I thought Therese was too young to be with a boy that age. They only kissed, but there was the potential for more to happen. Than kept talking about marriage and, well, let’s just say I would have preferred for Therese to have been older. It would felt a little less creepy.But, even with all that, I still really liked this book.I would recommend this book to any mythology lovers.Now for my rating:-Three out of five stars.This review can be found here