Dead Running - Cami Checketts This book is a lot more than just a romance. It's a book about having the strength to commit yourself to something that you may have never dreamed of doing or doing something against all odds.Cassidy is a girl who gets talked into doing a run with her pregnant sister-in-law Raquel and somehow ends up winning an entry that would qualify her to enter the St George's marathon. But that's only the smallest point in this book, because along the way Cassidy has to deal with the fact that men are trying to kill her father - a man she believed had died several years ago. And what's worse is that the men after her father worked for a slave trader who isn't known for his nice nature. When I first started the book the first chapter was filled with action, but when the second chapter started it was kind of not what I was expecting. It started four years into the future. In some ways, I actually enjoyed how the time period changed. Cassidy was just a normal, everyday girl instead of a girl who had fallen head first into mystery and intrigue.The story is told in first and third voice. It was told in Cassidy's voice most of the time, but then it would change to third voice for some of the other characters. I really enjoyed how this was done because it allowed me to get into the head of not only the main character and the secondary characters also. And, it also reminds me of how much I miss third voice at times.This wasn't just a straight-forward romance. It was a story of intrigue. Even the guys Cassidy ended up dating had their own sense of mytery. Who could you trust? Were they tied in with the bad guys? Those were the questions that I had during the time I was reading it. And, I liked both guys - Jesse and Damon. One always seemed to be there when she needed him and the other was just good fun. It wasn't until later that you found out that both of them weren't what they appeared to be and that they both had secrets.But the mystery and suspense weren't the only things I liked about this story. It was the character growth as well. Cassidy regained her self-confidence in this book. She went from believing she couldn't finish something to succeeding in something she never thought she would try. I really enjoyed the ending of Dead Running, but I won't go on and say anything further because you'll just have to read it to see how it ended. It was great.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and mysteryNow for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-