daynight (Volume 1) - Megan Thomason Chilling, daunting and just a little bit creepy are some of the words I would use to describe Daynight.When I think of getting second chances, I don't think of it as been stolen away to an alternative world where I get to meet people who I last saw die in a explosion - especially when I had just witnessed something I'd rather not have witnessed. But in Daynight that's exactly what you get. Oh my gosh, there were some scenes in this book that creeped me out and others where I couldn't keep turning the pages fast enough - just to see what happened next. The world of the Daynight was the exact opposite of how it was here. There people slept through the day and went to school at night. On that world, sunlight could give you serious sunburn if you didn't smother sunscreen on first. Thera was just a world of creepy opposites. The world was run by a group of Ten who ruled it with a iron fist. If you broke their rules, you were lucky if you died. If you're unlucky you got Exiled and even though alive, I considered that to be a lot worse than dying. In the way of the world-building of the Garden City, I had to say I was quite impressed. It was detailed. Even though I must admit that some of it was confusing and I had to get my head around it. There was a lot I learned about the world through the memories of Blake, who was the one who had suffered the most. The Garden City where they went was only one of the several places Second Chancers could go.The story line of Daynight was spooky, not to mention downright creepy in some places. It made every feminine inch of me either want to curl up in a ball or to personally kill the members of the 'Ten', regardless of what would happen to me. But, I think that was what made the story so gripping. I have to leave it like that otherwise I'd be revealing too much.And the characters were clever as well. I liked all three of the main players - Kira, Blake and Ethan. All three had their flaws, like Blake being an idiot at times, even though he was standing up for what he believed in. At times, I thought Ethan should 'man up' especially when he got overly emotional. And Kira, by being so stubborn that it hurt the ones she loved. There was a love triangle in this book, but for the first time ever, I couldn't choose between Ethan or Blake. I wanted her to end up with BOTH of them! Blake and Ethan both had qualities I adored and I could easily see why Kira fell for both of them.There were so many players in this game. If you're looking for a book with action - then this is the book for you. The flow of writing is fast, but not too fast and you never get the chance to get bored. You don't get a chance to because there's too much going on. To be honest though, I didn't get the prologue. The writing style was...awkward. It was told in third person present and it was just weird to me. But, I really loved it when I found it didn't carry on like that throughout the whole book. Instead it's in first voice and in Kira's, Blake's and Ethan's perspective. I enjoyed that.And, one of the aspects of the Garden City that I didn't quite understand is how the Second Chancers could be human-like enough to have families when they were in truth, well, dead. Overall, I really enjoyed this book once I got into it and I would recommend it to anyone who like Dystopian novels. Now for my rating:-Four out of five starsThis review can be found here:-