The Circle of Tivedon - Ryan Shorten

Okay so when I first started reading 'The Circle of Tivedon' it reminded me of Harry Potter, except that it was set in a high fantasy type of world instead of a modern one. That impression didn't remain as I read on.


There's still that touch of magic about it though, but, I think, a more subtle kind.If I said that I got enthused about this book, well, I'd be lying. There were times when so much was going on that I had trouble keeping up with the plot line. It wasn't that there was so much action in it that I couldn't keep up, but more that there were too many characters in it. I'd just be getting into one character's story and then it would flash to another's. I actually felt there could have been two books in this one single book.


The plot as a whole was interesting and I must admit that as such it enabled me to keep reading because I didn't get bored. It certainly had its fair amount of action. The characters of this book were varied, but I didn't really get a sense of any of them. There was no background story for Jayl and Myah. I knew where they came from, but not much else. It may be that more will come to light in the next books. I just wish that there could have been more told in this book because I didn't connect with even one of the several characters in it. That's not to say that some of the characters weren't enjoyable and learning more about their magical abilities was actually kind of cool. And how they worked in relation to each other was actually quite fascinating too.


Ryan Shorten is a story-teller even though his writing style was a bit off to me. That's not to say anything against him, just that the book wasn't really for me. I think it would have been if it hadn't felt so...cluttered and if there had been a bit more work done with the prose. -sigh- more showing not telling comes to mind. They must be the most hated words a writer hears, but I have to share it. Although, it did have some good points. I did like that it was told in third person. Third person can be awesome.


Overall, I really wanted to love this book because the pitch sounded kind of amazing, but it didn't live up to my expectations. I only found the book okay. I definitely did not hate it - it was too good for that, but I didn't exactly like it either.I would recommend this book to magic lovers.Now for my rating:-Two out five stars(I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review)