Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford Exciting. Confusing. Enchanting. Just some of the words that come to mind with Nikki Jeffords, 'Entangled'. Why? Because the plot line was exciting and dynamic. Even though it had a stereotypical edge to it where there was a good twin and an evil twin, I enjoyed the thought of the twins sharing a body. I didn't know what Gray would wake up to next. That's what gave it the edge.The only trouble I had was I felt the relationship between the sisters ran a bit flat. Apart from a tantrum from Charlene, I didn't really know what Gray had done to inspire such hatred. I guess there wasn't enough back story showing that rivalry developing. As strange as it seems, I kind of wish that I had seen some of the story in Charlene's voice.There is something else I want to mention as well. The way Graylee died - there wasn't enough explanation around it. The who and how was answered in the story, but not the why. What caused the offender to become that demented? Others who have read this book may be able to answer that question and maybe I can acknowledge that the answer is there, but the truth is, it was weak.But, I loved the romance between Raj and Gray. It still had that familiar feeling of the girl being resistant, but the boy being there anyway. It was circumstances that made it somewhat special and add that sharp tension that Gray could disappear at any time just made it magic.I also enjoyed the magical aspect of it. It wasn't an 'in-your-face' magic with spells and things, but it did have enough to satisfy the part of me that loves magic. This was a quick-moving tale and it was one that I couldn't put down once I started reading it. It was a fun read and even the dark elements weren't all that dark. It also made me want to read the sequels, 'Duplicity' and 'Enchantment' although I feel that there will be some surprises there and the loss of some newly found friends. All in all, I liked this book. It had some good and bad qualities and the good won over the bad. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys magic, suspense and romance.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/