15 Days Without a Head - Dave Cousins '15 Days Without a Head' is a poignant tale of the hope and despair of a brother who desperately searches for his mother who has gone missing, while protecting his brother at the same time.A story like this always tugs at the heartstrings because there's always that deep feeling of 'what if this happened to me when I was younger', or 'I went through something similar or am going through this now'. There's something really sad about a mother disappearing and leaving her children to survive as best they can with what they have. The plot of '15 Days Without a Head' is earthy and real. The setting was also interesting because this book was based in England. Usually, I read books where the setting is America, so this was a nice change.Laurence is the type of character that I admire. Instead of falling apart, he stays strong, desperately acting as the figurehead to try and keep his small family together. He does desperate, almost comically funny, things to keep it that way. His only ally in the madness his world has become is a girl he barely knows. I really enjoyed his interactions with the other characters. He just seemed so real to me. The secondary characters gave '15 Days Without a Head' depth. They gave the story its light, fluffy moments. I didn't feel that there were any characters that had been placed in the story that were there for the sake of it. They all had important parts to play.The writing was good, but as much as I enjoyed it, it seemed kind of flat. I enjoyed the characters voice and some parts were comically funny while other parts were sad. The pace was slow and I must admit that I found myself drifting off in some places.All in all, I enjoyed the story, but I didn't love it.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/