Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson

'Ultraviolet' takes a reader on a journey they never expect to take.The mystery and adventure starts on the very first page and doesn't stop. I really enjoyed how it started in the mental institution with Alison's sanity in question. That kind of start instantly had me intrigued with her story.


The plot was quite ingenious, with that edge of the unexpected. The truth is that the summary doesn't really give much away and I never expected it to end up being a genre crossover.


Alison was an interesting character and it was fantastic to read about a condition that I never heard of and yet people suffer from. Sure, for the sake of the book it had been exaggerated, but I think that added to the appeal of the story. She was a very likable character. She suffered through a lot and even though there were instances where she was a bit frosty, she came through at the end. Her relationship with her mother was a bit shaky, but I think it was a case of angst more than anything else.


Faraday was a character that I was fascinated with from the moment he was introduced into the novel.. I really adored the fact that he was a mystery - that he helped Alison in ways that no one else could. And, of course, he played the part of Alison's love interest. In most books it's obvious who the love interest would be, but what I really loved was I wasn't expecting it to be him.


The secondary characters gave the book the spark it needed to make the book relatable. I loved reading about the interactions between all the characters. Even the ones I didn't like I wondered about what their story was.


The writing was lovely and flowed really well. There was so much going on that I never had time to get bored. In fact, I was quite disappointed when it finished and, especially, how it finished. I'll definitely be reading 'Quicksilver' when I get a copy of it. I look forward to finding out what happens next. As you can tell I really enjoyed it and would recommend this to anyone who likes a touch of realism with their sci-fi.


Now for my rating:- four out of five stars.