The Earth Painter - Melissa Turner Lee

'The Earth Painter' takes you on an unusual journey through the eyes of a girl who sees the near invisible. This paranormal novel has an unique slant to a story line I haven't read before. There was something almost fascinating about idea that the world could have been created by an artist - a painter. The whole concept sparked my interest. What was more interesting was that there were painters for land, water and the sky. The book also introduced school subjects as actual characters, such as, Biology, Chemistry and Geology - to name a few.


Holly, the main character, sees what other people don't notice and as such she is drawn into an extraordinary world where she and others fight to save something that the enemy wants to destroy out of spite and hatred of humans. She's a likable character, even if she is a rather isolated one. She has traits I really like in a characters. She stands up for herself, knows right from wrong - even at the cost of losing a friend and shows grim determination to make sure everything goes well. Of course, that doesn't always happen. And, she's very loyal to Theo.


Some of the secondary characters stood out also, particularly Holly's mother. She was definitely lost in her own world. I kind of felt sorry for her, even though I was angry with her on Holly's behalf. Another character who was interesting was Shelby. She was very delusional in her way and very obstinate in her beliefs. And I must say that the bad guy in this book is good and as much as I didn't like him, I appreciated the power he had over humans.


Although there were several serious moments, it was a lighthearted read. The writing and the pace of the story was okay. I wouldn't say it was the most gripping story I've ever read, but I did enjoy it Some parts of it, like the painting scenes were intriguing and I liked picturing what Theo painted. There was a curious blend of realism meets paranormal.I guess, overall, the book wasn't bad. It had a interesting story line and characters. I liked it.


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal novels.Now for my rating:-three out of five stars.  (This book was provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review)