Paradigm - Helen Stringer Paradigm reminded me of a saying that is familiar to everyone “Big brother is watching you.” In this world, it really is, but not by people, although they would like to think so, but by something they had invented so it could help humanity – Mutha, an artificial intelligence unit.Sam is an individual who is surviving in a world that he has known since he was a child. His only worries are the voices in his head and living until the next day. In his fight for survival, he is aided by a boy, who is around his age, that he picked up on the side of the road, his red GTO and a girl who appears out of nowhere. Sam was a strange kind of character to me. He seemed almost bored when I first started reading about him, but he changed into a brave, yet anxious one as the story continued. He was very loyal and I liked that about him.I think the star of this book for me was Alma. She was such a kickass character. She didn’t need anyone rescuing her, because she was the rescuer. And I guess I’m a little bias because she reflected a piece of home in the book. She was a Maori, which I thought was awesome. Even so, there were times I didn’t like how she was about her heritage. I’m not a Maori, but I think, from what I've seen in New Zealand, that most Maori people are very proud of their heritage. I’m not sure they would mock it, even in the half-hearted way that Alma did at one point of the book. I still adored her though.The secondary characters also play a big part of this book. Several of them had me cursing them under my breath. Nathan was a particular favourite of mine. I really adored his character traits even if some of them were kind of unlikable. I really enjoyed the story line. The setting was modern, yet sci-fi all at the same time. The problem was I kept drifting away from it. It didn’t hold my attention as much as I wanted it to. I think I was about two-thirds of the way into the book when it got to the point where I couldn’t put it down. That was when it became action-packed and I started finding out more about what was going on. All in all, I think the book was good, but maybe not for me. I think it would appeal to a lot of other readers. Would I read the sequel if there was one? Possibly. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi with a dystopian feel to it.Now for my rating :Two out of five starsThis review can be found here:-