Control (Shift, #2) - Kim Curran

Every now and then I come across a sequel that tries to be as good as the first. That's what happened in this case. Reading 'Control' was like visiting an old friend that I hadn't known I was missing, but finding out that part of the friend had changed during that time and they weren't quite the same.


Scott had more challenges ahead of himself in this new adventure, but he wasn't alone as some of his old friends from the last book return as well, along with some unexpected ones. I still liked him even though he lost his mind during a part of it.I didn't like Aubrey so much in this book. She seemed more whiny than kickass. She actually grated on my nerves at one point. In fact, I was disappointed that there wasn't more involvement with the secondary characters. They felt like they were just...there this time, not an integral part of the story as they had been in the last one.


I think what I mostly enjoyed about this book was the action. There was always something happening. I don't think the pace of the novel ever actually slowed down. And I really love the concept of 'shifting'. That you can somehow change the past by making a simple decision to do so. 'Control' took it one step further though. It went into what it would be like if someone who had the ability to shift did it for the wrong reasons. Writing about that kind of plot makes plot twists easy - and there were a few of them in this book. As with 'Shift' I really loved the writing style of this book.


Even with my disappointment with the lack of character involvement, I still found it easy to connect with the story itself. As with the first book, it is written in Scott's POV.So, on the whole, 'Control' did have some good points to it, but it also had some that I didn't like so much - it didn't have the 'wow' factor that I got from the last book. I will still go on to read the sequel though, because the ending was killer.


I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys sci-fi and has read the previous book.Now for my rating:-three out of five stars.