I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers - Deadly. Sinister. Gut-wrenching.I had heard good things about this book so when I saw it at my library I checked it out. Never would I have thought that simple decision would lead me to reading the creepiest book I've ever read. It's easy for me to say that because, well, I'm not into horrors. This book took me to places I never wanted to go.Into the mind of a serial killer.I knew at the back of my mind that this book was a piece of fiction, but, I swear, as I was reading it I had to wonder if Barry Lyga, the author, was a serial killer. He wrote 'I Hunt Killers' with such deadly precision it was easy to picture Jazz's dad killing people with careless abandon. There were scenes in this book that tore at me and made me think that it would be so easy to be taken from the streets - to become a victim of a serial killer.The writing in this book was so powerful that I couldn't put it down. As I read books, I picture the scenes in my mind and, in this book, I could feel the panic of the victims, their pain and the insane satisfaction of the man who was killing them. It wasn't that the scenes were all that graphic or even that long, but it was written in such a way where my imagination provided the rest of the detail. Yeah, I watched 'Dexter' and this book reminded me of him. The only difference is 'Dexter' at least killed the bad guys - this guy just killed.To deny that I connected with Jazz, the main character in the book, would be a lie. I felt I was with Jazz as he tried to find a serial killer who was committing crimes that were so similar to those of his father. His struggles became my struggles. I hurt so much for him and I admired him. He had to live with the stigma his father left behind. The side characters added to this book. From Connie, Jazz's girlfriend, to G. Williams, the local sheriff, who had history with him. And I loved Howie. The way that Howie and Jazz became friends was realistic and I could see how it would happen. I think the reason this book affected me so much was that I hadn't read anything like it. It was so different from the other general fiction I had read. This was an intense read whereas apart from one or two others I have read, the rest had been light and breezy. When I had finished reading it, I think I was in some kind of shock. What I had read kept going around and around in my head and even now I can't stop thinking about how creepy, yet so fantastically good, it was.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books with a psychological, criminal edge. To anyone who dislikes violence, or the illusion of violence, I would keep far, far away from this book.Now for my rating:-Five out of five starsThis review can be found here:-http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/