Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters Series #7)

Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) - Christine Feehan I read a lot of reviews about people not liking this book because of the first few chapters, but I didn't find it all that horrible. It isn't that I enjoy rape and torture because I don't, but I knew to expect something like this because that's the way Christine Feehan is. She writes novels to the very edge of what's acceptable - so if you're not into any kind of graphic scenes then it's best to stay away.Elle went through so much horror, but, to my mind, is that any less then what a girl goes through with her sadistic boyfriend or husband - one who beats her up or rapes her. Elle was no sex-slave - she was a victim. A victim under the control of a man so vile that Jackson was the only one who kept her sane and alive. The only one who didn't make her feel all alone when she couldn't reach her sisters. The only one who told her to do what she needed to do to survive. And, the only one who gave her hope. He hated what she was going through with a passion, but when the woman he loved was about to give up, what else could he do? All through the Drake series, she was the one who was always there for the others. She fought her battles on her own, apart from Jackson who had a mental link with her. Even when she was rescued, she didn't want to risk her family and that was loyal of her. She felt shame and despair of what she had gone through and didn't want her sisters to know. It was only because Jackson had gone through something similar that she was able to let him help her heal. The plot that involved the final installment in the capturing of a slave trader was almost secondary to the emotional one. The enjoyment I got from reading this book was from seeing someone who was so broken, so close to losing her will to live, coming out the other side and surviving. She was a victim of rape and yet she had the strength to recover, fall in love again (if she ever fell out of love) and become a stronger, wiser person - safe in the knowledge that she was surrounded by people who loved her.