Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings

Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings - Helene Boudreau Well, I have to say that the first and second chapters had me shaking my head. It gives embarrassment and a family moment a whole new meaning. It starts off with a girl's first period, yes, I dare to say it because I dared to read it. You'd expect it to be your mom who would buy your sanitary products for you, but, in Jade's case, it's her father walking down the aisles to buy what is almost a shipment of the every imaginable product there is. And then to top that off the boy she's crushing on stops by.Well, if that doesn't make you squirm with a slight uneasiness then read on. I did and I ended up chuckling my way through the whole book. I'm sure there were supposed to be serious moments, but the whole book just seemed hilarious to me - in a good way.Jade's an awesome character. She snarky at times, totally embarrassed the next and determined to find her mom once she discovers she's still alive. Is she the most developed character I've read about? Nah, but I overlooked that because of the light-hearted fun I derived from reading the book.I think I'm starting to get an urge to read Mermaids stories and, for the second book, it wasn't bad. There was a hint of danger in the story-line, but not one that made you want to shake your fist at the 'bad guy.' In fact, they weren't actually all that 'bad' They just wanted something more for their daughter.The other characters were fun to read about as well. I loved Jade's dad and the fact that there was a close bond between them. In most books, the parents are barely there, but this book made the relationship between the parents a focal point of the whole plot. The funny thing about this book is that it could have been under the genre of General Fiction, except for the mermaid element.There were several secondary characters that I enjoyed as well - like Cori and Luke. They added to story. What's better than a best friend and a boy crush? I know the character types are as cheesy as, but I have this weirdness in me that just loves cheesy books - even though I know some of them are seriously bad. If you're looking for a work of literary fiction, well, no offence to Helene Boudreau, this isn't it. But, if you're looking for a book to curl up with and the idea of having some light-hearted fun - this book is for you. Now for my ratingFour out of Five StarsThis review can be found here