Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico

This is so comically funny even with its somewhat violent characters!  Lex is a sixteen-year-old girl whose violent tendencies are the despair of her family. In an attempt to change her back to the pleasant girl she once was, her parents ship her off to her Uncle Mort, tearing her away from the twin sister she has never been separated from before. Once there she discovers that her uncle is not what he seems to be and he introduces her to his community of Croak, which only have about 50 occupants in it. He also his her his trade - being a Grim Reaper. Thrown head first into a summer job she never expected the fun really begins when humans are killed before their time.


'Croak' was a book that had me choking back my laughter one minute and gasping in horror the next. I think that's what I liked about it. There was never a dull moment. Right from the start, 'Croak' had me hooked with its characters and story line. Lex was such a relatable character with her attitude and the way she didn't understand why she acted some of the ways she does. That happens to normal teenager. I loved how she had a loving family and when it came to what was best for Lex, they sent her away to her uncle.Unlike other Grim Reaper stories, not that I've read many,


I loved the community of Croak. It was so funny how they treated the people who up there by accident. They were a tight-knit community, but when you considered what they did it was exactly a surprise. I couldn't help, but feel for them when one of their own turned traitor. There's nothing I like more than a twist and the end of someone I never expected was definitely a twist.I really love a book when I get enraptured by the cast of characters and 'Croak' had that in spades. I enjoyed the story-line and the writing style so much. I haven't read a book for some time that had captivated my interest like this book did.


Some of the aspects of the book was just straight out nonsensical, but I guess it just hit my weird sense of humor. Things like jellyfish being sensitive to death and meeting the dead presidents of the United States in the afterlife.There was a mystery here, a quite serious one, but with the writing being so comical it was hard to take it seriously. And, I must admit that the more serious part of it didn't really start until about the middle of the book. I think it was the middle. But, even with that though, I still enjoyed this book.I would recommend this to any fantasy lover, especially those who appreciate worlds that are humorous, yet somewhat serious, all at the same time.


Now for my rating:- four out of five stars.