The Selection

The Selection - This book made me laugh, but in a good way. It really is how people have been describing it. The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games - the emphasis being on The Bachelor.The world America lives in is one portraying a caste system. One, being the creme of the crop (royalty), down to eights (the unemployable) America is a five. She lives in the caste of the Artists - singers, painters, sculptors etc. The caste system was a bit confusing when I first started reading it, but it didn't take me long to figure it out.So, in the way of The Bachelor, girls from all over Illea enter a contest to be one of thirty odd girls to date and win the prince.What I really like about this book is that America isn't all that keen on meeting the prince at all, She didn't even want to enter it, but was pressured into it by her family, mainly her mom, and her boyfriend *cough* Aspen.Of course, she gets accepted and story goes on from there.Now for the characters.I really liked America. She was loyal to her heart, but was human enough to allow someone else to enter, causing general confusion. She stood up for what she believed in, was loyal to her family, and to her friends, one of which ended up being Prince Maxon (The Bachelor). There was no insta-love on her part and she entered the competition not wanting Maxon or the crown.Prince Maxon was a darling. He was so confused about women, either that or he was a really great schemer. I still haven't decided yet. He is more than a playboy prince. He is logical, caring and, well, let's face it, I found him adorably cute - not 'hot' though. And then there's Aspen - America's on/off boyfriend. I have mixed feelings about him. I can't work out whether he's lying to America or not. There's things that don't add up about him. Initially, I found him to be the kind of boy a girl dreams of - committed. loyal and very loving. But he's flawed. He's very proud and he may be a womanizer. I really think it's up to the reader to judge.Anyway, there's a very fairy-tale feeling about this book, even though it's not based on any particular one. The book is not all romance though, there is action in this book. The people of Illea have enemies and that became more obvious as I read on.I would recommend this book to those who have a romantic heart and love the fairy-tale type of book.I gave this book four stars because I really enjoyed it. I never had a bored moment and I was engrossed in the on-going relationship between America and Maxon. It's just so different from the 'falling all over the boy' type of book that I would associate this type of book with.