Root Bound

Root Bound: (Emma & the Elementals) (Volume 1) - Tanya Karen Gough Brownies!! How can a person not like brownies? Oh my, this book was just so much fun! It's not a book I would normally read, but the whole story was just too adorable to put down.Right from the start I was amused and touched by Emma, her school life and her experiences with the brownies and the 'Under' world. This is definitely a middle-grade book, but one with such charm that I can see any child with a zest for imagination wanting to read it. I could see them curled up in bed and laughing at the same places I laughed at. The writing style was simple and flowed really nicely. Haha I must admit that I imagined that I was an eight to fourteen-year-old as I read this book and it had me entranced.Emma was strangely relatable is so many ways that I think anyone would be able to identify with her in some form or another. The Brownies were so cleverly done. It was clear that they had their own personalities and they were so easy to tell apart. It also had its fair share of bad guys. What would a book be without its share of baddies? The world-building of this book was fascinating. It reminded me of a real community, with its own laws and regulations. There was also connections to other mythological creatures that made the book even more interesting. I kept reading because I didn't know what I would be reading about next. I really enjoyed the simple magical aspect to this book. It reminded me of 'Alice in Wonderland', but not. The story really did have its own flavor. It really was extraordinarily clever.Overall, I think it was a fantastically fun, entertaining and enjoyable read. I would recommend this for any child and any child at heart. I know I liked it.Now for my ratingThree out of five stars.This review can be found here:-