How My Summer Went Up in Flames

How My Summer Went Up in Flames - Jennifer Salvato Doktorski Crazy characters and awesome fun! This contemporary novel had a fun, unique edge, with a coming-of-age vibe that included an exciting road trip. Most books I've read have had boys as the character who have stalked someone, so it was a nice change of pace to read about a girl who did it. Does that mean I approve of stalking if it's a girl? Nope. It just added something to the appeal of the story.Rosie is a girl who obsessively wants her ex-boyfriend back even though he had cheated AND served a restraining order on her. To save her from making a complete psychotic ass out of herself, her parents send her on a road trip and then the fun begins.I had a severe love/hate reader relationship with Rosie. Just when I was starting to like her, she'd do something stupidly stalkerish and I'd end up hating her again. She was gloriously flawed, but she was funny though, and I think that's what stopped me from being turned off of her completely. She had loyal friends, even though she annoyed them at times. Her character grew during the story so I was happy with the ending.The stalking was kind of the theme throughout the novel and I think that was what made this book different from other contemporary novels I have read. I really liked the other characters as well. The three boys Rosie was travelling with weren't super-hot guys. Well, I guess Logan was, but the difference was he wasn't a star athlete or musician, but someone who was kind of a normal everyday type. I also liked Avery. She had such likable traits. I was a fan of hers right from the start.The writing style appealed to me and I thought the novel flowed really well. As I mentioned above I really enjoyed the setting and reading about places they went to on their trip. It was a quick, light read.I enjoyed this book, even with the frustration I felt with the main character. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys road trips and characters that are a little snarky/psycho.Now for my rating:-Four out of five stars.This review can be found here:-