King of the Screwups

King of the Screwups - When I first started reading about the character Liam, he got on my nerves. He just seemed like a whiny, poor little rich kid. But that changed as I read on and I began to understand him.As the blurb above says, Liam was kicked out of his own home by his father when his father caught him with a girl in an undressed state. His father having had enough of his antics sent him to live with his 'aunt' Pete. And, that was the best thing that his father could have done for Liam.I ended up feeling so sorry for him. He had been raised from a young kid to believe he was a screwup, which was reinforced by the way his father treated him. At the same time as I wanted to shake Liam and tell him to snap out of it, I also wanted to hug him and kick his father's ass. I felt so emotionally drawn to Liam as he struggled to please his father, when I knew he never would.He tried so hard to be what his father wanted him to be - so much so that he denied what he was good at. Even trying new things at school because he knew his father had once done them. And, that's why I love 'aunt' Pete and the guys. They saw Liam's good points. And even though they gave him a hard time now and then, they tried to reinforce the positive. I didn't like Darleen. She felt too much like the token 'hater girl'. You know, the one who has to dislike the boy on principle because no one else does. It annoyed me. Although I wouldn't have liked to have seen her fall all over him, she could have at least been friendly - instead of being in her element as 'class bitch'.The story itself was really quite good. I particularly liked the flashback scenes of Liam in his younger years. It was a way to tell an awesome back story. I also liked the way it ended. It was somewhat satisfying to see Liam stand up for himself. The only trouble was that although the book had elements I really loved, it didn't give me the breathless, excited feeling that an awesome book does, which is why I'm giving it the rating I am.So now for rating.Three out of five starsThis review can be found here