Taste - Kate Evangelista Phoenix attends a boarding school where the one rule is no one is allowed in the school itself after curfew. She doesn't know why until she falls asleep and wakes up at night - only to find students who she has never seen before, who have a fetish - for her. Well, not her specifically, but more for her flesh.Kate Evangelista doesn't do her Zombies the way of 'Dearly Departed' or 'Warm Bodies' though. She did them in a way that was quite intriguing and which blended history, science, survival and, yes, romance together. The setting of this book was quite interesting - even though it was set at a boarding school, which sadly I feel is becoming very cliche, this was different. Maybe it was because it had been based under the school more than actually in the classrooms - which is where the story truly lied.The world-building of the Zhamvy people was done quite well. There are two factions - the Royal family and the government. But there are also conflicts between two families of the royal family as well. It tells the history of the Zhamvy, how the royal family had become divided and also how, in the end, two royal cousins worked together to stop something terrible from happening to their, and the human, race. The sad thing about the Zhamvy people is that they are a race that are slowly dying and Phoenix, being human, holds the key.The pitch is actually misleading. It kind of indicates a love triangle, but I didn't feel there was one. Phoenix very clearly only had feelings for one guy, and only considered the other one a friend. I won't mention names because I consider that to be a spoiler. You'll just have to read it yourself to see if you come to the same conclusion. I will say that this book does have its own little jealousies running amok among the characters. It was quite amusing, even if annoyingly obvious in how things were going to work out.I enjoyed the characters. Phoenix was a girl who was grieving for her mother, while being ignored by her dad. She seemed to be in a state of hurt and confusion over her father's actions, and it showed in her relationships at school. She was obsessively determined to find out what killed her mother and in that way she reminded me of Dray, another character.Usually, especially if there's some kind of love triangle involved, I favor one boy over another, but I loved both Demetri and Luka. They both had traits that had me favoring the both of them. And I have to mention Dray again. He was the one who, I felt, tied everything all together. He was, in his own way, the savior of his kind.Anyway, enough on the story and characters, there was something I noticed that I felt I should mention. The book needs to be proofread again. I found a couple of mistakes while I was reading it - one on the first page. I'm no grammar expert by any means, but these were obvious - even to me.'The tolls yanked me from my seated position to my feet like a pair of rough hands' - This to me is an incomplete sentence, plus punctuation is missing at the end.'They finally caught you didn’t they.' - Incorrect punctuation - should be a comma between 'you' and 'didn't' plus a question mark at the end.I didn't note any others because I wanted to enjoy the story, but having an error on the first page does set the book up to be torn down - especially if the reader is a grammar nazi. If it was distracting to me, it would be worse for them. On the whole, though, this was an enjoyable read. Now for my rating:-Three out of five stars.This review can be found here at http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/