Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil -

So I was tossing up whether to give this book four or five stars. I gave it five, because, and I know it's pitiful, the ending made me cry. The reason why - I honestly believe all of us, at one stage or another, have suffered from unrequited love. I know I have, but if you haven't, then you're lucky.


Anna, to me, is a person who genuinely cares for people. She has no biases, but that's to be expected because of who her mother is. She grew up knowing only kindness and love and it showed in the way she was with her friends and Paige, her guardian. What I really liked is that, although she was like that, she lived in the real world - exposed to all the elements a teenager is. She's grown up to know right from wrong and she's so innocent she makes me want to hug her. In some ways, she reminds me of how I was when I was younger and first exposed alcohol and drugs


.Kaiden is definitely a very bad boy. He's a player, but how could he not be when you look at who HIS father is. But, even so, I got the feeling as I read through the book that it was something he didn't really want to do, but he had given up hoping for anything better. I truly got the feeling that he felt he didn't deserve to be loved. So he closed off a part of himself when he realized Anna was reaching places he didn't want touched. That's so typically male.The relationship between Anna and Kaiden was pure magic. Both attracted to each other, but fighting it, particularly Kaiden, because they were both Nephilim and so their love was never meant to be.


Anyway, enough about them, there were a lot of other characters that tied the story together, from Jay, Anna's best friend, Paige, Marna and Ginger, Johnathon, Anna's father and a whole host of others. Each were really special in their own way. Jay was my favorite, apart from the mc's because he just seemed so loyal, even if at times, he got frustrated and felt let down.The plot itself was unique. There are a lot of angel books out there but this had its own individual flavor. I was fascinated by the whole idea of the Dukes. It felt like I had been drawn into a supernatural underworld, and the Dukes were the kingpins of several mobs. It was like Anna, Kaiden and their friends were undercover agents and only Anna was really aware that she was batting for the other team.


There are only a few nitpicks.The ease of Anna's and her father's relationship, after so many years apart, seemed too easy. I know Anna had an angelic mother, but it would have been natural if she was furious with her dad for never being there. I guess 'forgiveness is divine' so it is understandable that Anna didn't act like that.Each time girls hung around Kaiden, Anna noticed what they were wearing. It just felt too repetitive. I knew from the first introduction of Kaiden that he's surrounded by girls dressed to get his attention. It felt like I was being reminded of it each time Anna saw him in a group situation when I didn't need to be.


Anyway, even with those few nitpicks, I loved the book enough to overlook them easily. Thanks to Wendy, I now have a new fictional male character to 'moon' over. Evil can truly be Sweet, especially with Kaiden around. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next installment.