Wicked Fate: 1

Wicked Fate - Tabatha Vargo When Tabatha Vargo named her book 'Wicked Fate, it wasn't by accident - it was by design. Fate is indeed 'Wicked' for Mage and her love interest Adam.Mage is a loner in a small town where her classmates are afraid of her because she appears different to them and she likes it that way. All that changes when she meets a new girl and her crush for years finally takes notice of her. Not to mention that she finds out that there's a reason she can do what she can do or the 'wicked' dreams she has. Her nightmares come to life though when a strange lady appears in her bedroom and it's never plain sailing for Mage from then.If I had one phrase to describe this book it would be 'hold on to your seat, baby, you're in for a bumpy ride'. Although the book starts off slow and feels somewhat repetitive as we learn and grow into Mage's and Adam's relationship, there's no denying that by the time I had finished the book I was crying buckets and wanted to hug Mage and Adam so terribly bad. There was something about this book that was just simply magical - and it wasn't just because of Mage. The story line was was wonderful and the characters even more so. Oh my, Thaddeus! He was a character I loved as much as Mage and Adam. Sire was another character in it that I simply adored and he ended up having quite a big part to play considering he was an animal.And, since I'm talking about characters, I'll go onto my thoughts about Mage. I must admit that when I first started reading about Mage, I had a hard time identifying that she was so completely alone, but as I read on it became more apparent. From an early age she had been doing weird things and the kids had become wary of her. She had a sarcastic wit, which some people may decide to describe it as self-pity. It's not. She just hasn't had a normal life. And, there was no denying that she loves her family - and Adam. I loved her voice.Adam is such a sweet and likable character. He was a typical boy. He loved his truck and his family. I don't know why he finally started pursuing Mage. Maybe it was because of ... well, I can't really say, because if you want to know why, you'll have to read the book. All I know is that he was perfect for Mage. I don't have to mention this, but I wanted to give an unbiased review and so I have to be honest. There are a few grammar mistakes in this book - only very minor errors, but enough for me to notice it. But, even with them, it didn't distract from the book itself. And its ending is something I'm still thinking about - even a day later. I love books like that and, to be honest, I haven't read enough of those lately.I would recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal romance.This review can be found here http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/