Towering -

There's something magical about Fairy-tale retellings. They take your imagination to places you don't usually go. But I think it's more than that - they allow your inner child to come out and play. It allow adults to relive their childhood and teenagers to dream a little.


Rachel is a girl who is caught in a destiny that was not of her making - one who is trapped until her prince, in this case, Wyatt, comes to aide her to free herself and her people from the 'Rhapsody' that is slowly killing them.Rachel was kind of weird to me. She had an innocence about her that just isn't real in the world of today, but I guess that was just a part of her charm. I liked her. In a world filled with cynicism, her naivete was kind of refreshing. And I really liked that when she decided to do something, she did it.


Wyatt was harder to connect with. I felt that he came into the picture with me missing half of his story. I don't know if he was in a previous book or not. I still liked him, even with all that. He represented the 'prince', but he wasn't the 'hero' in the book. He had this kind of frailty about him that gave Rachel a sharper edge.


The plot itself was a little unsatisfactory - not between Wyatt and Rachel, even though there was a bit of insta-love - but because I expected more from the story for her reason for remaining hidden so long. I understood what the 'Rhapsody' represented, but I still felt a little disappointed. The ending felt a little anti-climatic too. I felt a bit frustrated that the ending seemed to come out from nowhere.I still enjoyed it though.


I liked that the novel was in duo voices and the character voices were good too. The pace was a bit choppy in places - it was slow in some places, faster in others. But, despite that,I enjoyed the writing.All in all, I thought this book was okay. It did appeal to me and I came away from it with a good feeling.


Now for my rating:-Three out of five stars.