Hunger (Gone Series #2)

Hunger - Michael  Grant This second book in the series was just as exciting as the first with its challenges and excitement.So, Sam is still the leader of a group of younger people, who struggle to survive in the bubble they call the FAYZ. But, this time, instead of battling the never-ending question of where their parents have disappeared to and why everyone disappears over the age of fifteen, they are having to try to survive starving to death. If that isn't enough, they still having to battle against, not only themselves, but the monster from the last time. And the worst thing is some familiar friends are closer to the monster then they really want to be.Just like the first book, I fell in love with the world and the characters that Michael Grant had created. He made it seem so believable that teenagers rule their little corner of the world and, just like in the real world, prejudices are starting to form with the 'normals' being against the 'freaks'. It's starting to remind me of 'The Lord of the Flies' with its seemingly solid society, but cracks are definitely starting to show.And, I think that's what keeps this series so exciting. There's just so much going on that you don't have time to get bored. If they're not fighting each other, they're fighting something monstrous.The characters are just the same with Sam and Caine still at loggerheads with each other. Not to mention, new characters or characters switching sides and then back again. It really does add something to the story when things are mixed up like this. And, I love how I still have the suspicion that some characters are more than what they seem - like little Petey.With each book we're finding out a little more about how the FAYZ came to be and how it works. We also have new mutants coming to play - some really dangerous ones. It feels like its evolving somehow. I already have the third in the series which I will be reading some time next year so it'll be interesting to see what else come out of Michael Grant's imagination.I would recommend this to anyone who like Science Fiction, I guess, Dystopian and Superpower elements.Rating 4 stars.This review can be found here