White Witch

White Witch - Trish Milburn When I first started reading White Witch I wondered if the main character Jaxina 'Jax' Pherson had overdose on love pheromones. For the first few chapters it was made of pure gush over a boy. Now, I like a good romance story, that's what happens when you're a hopeless romantic, but, seriously, page after page of 'oh I like this boy, oh, he's so fine' blah, blah, blah' is enough for even a romantic to wonder if the character Jax actually had a brain in her head - especially given she was supposed to be on the run from her murdering parent.It starts from Chapter Two - her description of Keller'Instead, I notice his medium brown hair, a touch too long and unruly in a wispy way. Dark brown eyes. A lean build, like a runner or swimmer, chiseled features. His dark blue T-shirt hugs his torso, accentuating the corded muscles in his arms. My skin heats as if I’m using my full power.' (pg 11)And carries on throughout the book'His voice, I love the rich sound of it. I could listen to him read a biology textbook all day. I’ve never reacted this way to a guy before, and I’m finding it frighteningly intoxicating.'(pg 16)Sorry, Jax, but you can't get drunk on a voice. Trust me, if that were possible, I'd be drunk all the time. I'd add more, but I'd be working on this review all day if I did. You ran away from your family with no emotion at all, Jax, and then lose whatever brain capacity you have over a boy within five minutes of meeting him. Oh, and how could I forget - she's also insanely beautiful and all the boys fall for her. I am really beginning to hate that in books. No girl (and I don't care if she's a witch) is so beautiful that all the boys fall for her. There are always going to be boys who screw up their nose at perfection. And, that goes for beautiful boys as well. Beauty can usually make a person look, but it's the personality that keeps a person interested in someone. Remember that, people.So, anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, I can finally say that I actually enjoyed this book. If you wade through all the insta-love crap, there is quite a unique story here. It's a story about a witch who wants to live as a human instead of embracing her family's 'dark side'. There'a a little more to it than that, but I don't want to leave spoilers.Jax is kinda kick-ass and has a really great voice. I really like this quote.'Was that Fate cackling again? Forget the slap. That old crone deserves a well-placed fist to the nose.' (pg 5)Some of the supporting characters were pretty cool as well - especially Keller's sister, Toni.A lot of the story is about when she is at school and her relationships with the others she has met, but it does get interesting towards the end of the book when something new is added to the plot. And, the best part of the book is the confrontation at the end.What I've said about what happens in the book doesn't seem much, but that's only I was so blindsided with the amount of 'insta love' in it. If you're into that kind of thing, you'll love this story. That being said though, I do plan to read the sequel because the plot was enough to keep me interested.Now for my rating.3 out five stars.This review can be found at http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/