Veer - Alyssa Rose Ivy Sweet, enchanting and very lovable.You know how you read companion novels and you never think it's going to be as good as the very first book? Well, I enjoyed this book maybe even more than I did the first one. Sure, there's that cheesiness that comes with romance novels, but that's what I love. It's like my brain went 'ahhh' when I read this. There was no trying to decipher what the author meant, where the plot was heading, or even trying to guess who the bad guy was - there was simply the feeling of relaxing into a story where you didn't have to think. Now, that may sound as if it's bad, but it's not. Sometimes the best treat in the world is a simple one or, in this case, a simple book.Gavin's story was wonderful and it gave me a much better understanding of his character. Gavin, who I first met in 'Derailed'. Who would have thought that underneath that flirty exterior there could be such a stubborn, yet stupid ass? And, yet such a romantic one as well. I learned so much more about him in this book and his story broke my heart in some places, just like Becca's did. How she ended up so well-adjusted I don't know.Escaping back into the community of Clayton Falls was nice. I really enjoyed reading about the same characters I had read about in the first book and some I hadn't met yet. There was a real sense of coming home again. Although I have to say that the flow of this book was, as a musician might say, pitchy. Sometimes it flowed exactly right, but there were some places when it moved too fast and where the story should have been drawn out more. Even thought I liked this book, I felt it would be so much better than it had been.Anyway, I feel pretty much the same way about 'Veer' as I did 'Derailed'.I would recommend this book, once again, to anyone who's a hopeless romantic - like me.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-