Farsighted - Emlyn Chand

To summarize, Alex is a boy who has visions about a boy named Dax. His main mission is to stop Dax from killing the girl he has fallen in love with - Simmi. To assist him with this he has his Dad, Miss Teak and her daughter, Shapri and Simmi. Emlyn Chand's, Farsighted should have been a book that kept me riveted. It had all the elements. Paranormal abilities, mystery and romance - all things that I really enjoy reading about. The trouble is, sadly, it didn't. I had trouble keeping my interest in it. Parts of it even confused me. Were there two Simmi's?


But, even though I didn't enjoy as much as I thought I would, I can't say that it was a terrible book. I liked the concept of the hero having an obvious flaw - being blind. Alex tried to live his life how he wanted to live it - even if he had a bully. A bully who didn't care about his disability. I don't know how a boy thinks, but he seemed to have the traits a teenage boy would have. He sulked a bit, had a girl he crushed on who only thought of him as a friend and protective in his way. Oh, he had a normal Mom and Dad, but he had his issues with both of them. He also had some traits I didn't like. Actually, when I think about it, he was developed really well.


The other characters were okay, but I didn't connect with any of them except maybe Dax - and he was the bad guy. Emily's Dax showed levels. He was a bad guy or was he? It's one of the books where you can't let your perceptions of a character cloud your judgement. I really liked the words of advice at the start of each chapter. It gave a little glimpse into Alex's journey and what each chapter was going to be about. It was cleverly done. I love things like that.


What I didn't like was the ending. I just felt it didn't fit what was previously written. It was too much and, I laugh as I write this - considering the subject matter, not realistic enough. People couldn't expect to live a normal life after what happened. There would be questions asked and people who would see things that weren't normal - even if they weren't psychic.All in all, I think that anyone who likes paranormal books should give this book a chance. Just because it didn't make me go RAWR with excitement, doesn't mean it won't for someone else.


So now for my rating:- two out of five stars.