Sky's End

Sky's End - Lesley  Young

'Sky's End' is a intricately woven futuristic novel about a girl who searches for her missing brother.Every science fiction novel should (to me at least) have adventure, action and possibly a little romance as well and 'Sky's End' had this in abundance. There was new technology, several alien types and even new worlds to explore on the journey through this book. Right from the first page there was that feeling that I was about to start on a great adventure and I was right.


The characters held a certain charm and I really enjoyed the relationships between Cassiel, King and Or'ic. The characters all display traits of bravery and vulnerability. I would like to say that I connected with them, but I couldn't.


Part of the reason for that was because of the way the book was written. There was a lot of info-dumping in this novel. Large sections of text where it was explaining the worlds and how something came about. I guess you could say there was more 'telling' then 'showing'. I know it was kind of the back story, but it felt like it was too much. That being said though the story line was what captivated me with this book. I fell in love with the story. The pace of this book was fast and there was no chance of getting bored with this book at all. Also, it was clear to see that a lot of thought had gone into this book and the setting was easily believable. I also enjoyed the light romance and have even picked a 'team' to be on.


It also has a Young/New Adult feel to it. Some parts felt Young Adult, other felt New Adult. I think it was a genre crossover actually.'Sky's End' is not a clean novel sex wise. Those parts were small, but I did wonder if the scenes were going to lead into full blown sex scenes. They didn't, but I had to mention this because I know some readers prefer clean novels. If you're okay with sex scenes, and they are pretty minor, you won't mind this book.Also, there are some scenes that may offend some readers. There are scenes of male/female violence and Cassiel is objectified by some of the male characters. I think this was more to display that Cassiel was living in a 'man's' world.


All in all, I did enjoy this novel and I am definitely excited for the sequel if there is one. I really want to see what happens next with Cassiel, King and Or'ic and to learn more about the world Lesley Young has created.I would recommend this book to sci-fi lovers who don't mind a little bit of romance.Now for my rating:-Three out of five stars(I was provided Sky's End by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.)