Nantucket Blue

Nantucket Blue - Leila Howland

'Nantucket Blue' was an enchanting coming-of-age novel that touched on some serious teenage issues, including teen sex and the loss of a loved one at an early age.


Cricket was a girl who was looking forward to spending her summer vacation in Nantucket with her best friend, Jules, and her family, but then a tragedy strikes.There was something really appealing about Cricket as a character. She cared about people, possibly too much. She faced everyday issues and she was nice to everyone, whether they deserved it or not. She dealt with awkward situations bravely. I loved her burgeoning self-confidence and growth in this story.


The secondary characters enhanced the brilliance of this novel and each one was special, even the ones who acted liked dimwits after certain things happened. There was only one character who I didn't get frustrated with because the tragedy that occurred can be dealt with in different ways and it can change a person. It can make them do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do.


The love interest in this book was adorable. I really liked the differences in this romance compared with other romance stories I've read about. It was more interesting and infinitely more sweet. There was an uniqueness about it, and even though there were complications to the budding romance, it still remained lovely. It really touched the hopeless romantic in me.


I enjoyed the writing style of 'Nantucket Blue' and the pace of the novel flowed well. There was also an enjoyable sub-plot happening in the novel, as well - particularly between Cricket and her mother. This book was a light and fun read - even with the tragedy that occurred.


I would recommend this book to anyone. I think everyone will find something they like about the book, even if they don't absolutely love it.Now for my rating:- four out of five stars.