The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith If I thought the cover was cute - the story is much, much cuter. The feeling this book brings to mind is the one you get when drinking hot chocolate on a cold day or singing along to your favorite song. Has someone said that before? Sorry if it has been, but that's the feeling I associate with when I think about this book.Hadley Sullivan is a seventeen-year-girl who misses the first flight she was booked on to go to London to attend the wedding of her father, who is marrying a woman who is not her mother.And while she is waiting she meets Oliver - a boy on his way to London for an entirely different reason.I think I love this book because the title says it all. What is the statistical probability of love at first sight? For some, it's huge because they've been lucky enough to have it happen to them, but for others, like Hadley, it is almost non-existent.The concept of the book itself was wonderful in that it's like the cliched finding your love interest on a cruise or your eyes meeting across the ballroom floor. It's just so adorably cute.Hadley wasn't a romantic girl though. She was a cynic. She didn't believe in love due to reasons of her own. She was funny, and at the same time showed loyalty in ways that most people wouldn't. She was a typical, somewhat confused, teenager.And then there was Oliver, the love interest. He was a knight-in-shining-armor type. He appeared when she needed someone, even though initially she fought against it. He was someone she could vent to and discuss things with, which stopped her from feeling all alone. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't perfect, far from it. He had his faults - very definite ones. I loved the complexities of the relationships in this book. They were both real and touching. I thought it was a growing of age story. The growth was in Hadley changing her narrow-minded thinking into a more open-minded one. It was about accepting things that she couldn't change and about adjusting to the fact that the dynamics of her relationships would and had changed.It was also about falling in love - even if it was in the most improbable place.I must admit that when I first started reading this, I found it hard to become enthralled. At first, I thought the pace of the book was too slow, but considering I finished the book in a matter of hours it proved to me that it wasn't. I recommend this to anyone who wants a nice, easy, light read. I gave this five stars because I love the idea that you can meet a perfect stranger and somehow feel as if you've known them for your whole life. It's unrealistic, but incredibly sweet all at the same time. It appealed to the hopeless romantic in me.