Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas Lots and lots of mixed feelings about this book!Okay, let me start off by saying I love the story line of this book. There was something about the building of this world that I could see so clearly, especially at the start with the opening scene being at a salt mine. It gave the aura of oppression and of a story just ready to be told.The whole journey and the events in the castle itself kept me riveted and the pace kept me alert and interested in what was happening around me, especially when the killings started happening. I liked the whole mythical side to the story and how it was brought out in the plot. However, reading Throne of Glass was somewhat bittersweet. I had an extreme love/hate relationship with all the characters.Most of all with Celaena - She was proud of who she was and there was no denying that, but at the same time she was narcissistic and totally full of herself. Now I know that wasn’t the way she was meant to come across, but every now and then she said something or thought something that made me, well, want to slap her. Haha, never mind that she could possibly kill me with my own fingernail. While she was virtually fuming because she couldn’t tell the whole world who she was, I was silently thinking, ‘Don’t be too proud because you’re nothing more a glorified hitman.’ And, what’s really weird is that I didn’t feel that way at all about Ismae from 'Grave Mercy'. I think I questioned some of her wisdom too. Within certain situations of the book, I could see why something was being done and I thought it was pretty smart, but not Celeana. Because she didn't have anyone going 'ooh I'm scared. I am in the presence of a great and powerful murderess...' -cough-'assassin.' I think the reason I couldn't relate to her was because I didn't know enough of her back story. I felt that only minimal information was given to the reader and so didn't help with my overall impression of her.But, there were moments when I could have liked her. In certain scenes within the book, I saw her softer side and that was the side that made me warm up to her. She wasn't being selfish or shallow in those times. She cared about things – like her dog and the princess. She got hurt easily especially when she felt she had been betrayed. Maybe she was just a complex character, but I've read other complex characters and they didn't leave me feeling like this.The guys weren't quite as bad, but they were bad enough. I hated how they seemed to lose a sense of themselves with Celaena. Can't we have one book, just one, where ALL characters remain true to themselves? And why do we have to have these love triangles?! Why can't a girl just be left alone, or have the relationship develop over time - to ONE boy? You can build romantic tension with just one boy. You don't need two. I think another thing that got to me was I never even got a sense on why each boy fell for Celaena. No legit reason! None! I must seem like I'm ranting and I guess I am in a way. But, I was just so disappointed in a story that could have been so much better than what it was. That's not to say that I won't go on to read the sequel, because I will. I want to see what happens in the world Sarah J. Maas created. I want to know more about Celaena and what drives her. I want to see what happens to the Rulers, the princess and the people, including Elena's purpose. Overall, I thought the book was okay. I didn't hate the book, but I didn't like it that much either. It was just okay. I would recommend this to anyone who likes action, love triangles, female assassins and fantasy.Now for my rating:-Two out of five starsThis review can be found here:-