Frigid - J Lynn Friendship can be a seed that can develop into something that's so profoundly special or it can remain just that - friendship. In the case in J. Lynn's, 'Frigid' it was the former. It was the start of something that in later years would be the joining together of two very special people. Kyler and Syd had been friends since they had been children. As they grew, they remained friends, yet also hid one big secret from each other. There was something about this story line that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed watching fate take a hand in getting two friends, who were meant to be more, together. It wasn't a unique plot, because it is a story line that has been told in different ways at different times in many books. I think what I enjoyed about it was it was the type of book I used to read before I fell in love with Young Adult books. It had the touch of a familiar friend.Kyler seemed different than other characters I have read in New Adult books lately. He just seemed more real. Sure, he had that overprotective streak that most male characters have these days, but the abusive edge wasn't there - not to the same extent. He was messed up, but he wasn't a budding psychopath with it. Kyler was not only acceptable to me, but I couldn't help falling a little bit in love with him. Yeah, I'm feeling dorkish even admitting that.That's not to say that this book was completely violence free, because it wasn't. I really liked Syd. Being a sufferer of unrequited love sucks. She seemed so real and I could identify with her. She put up with so much even staying friends with Kyler. I think she would have found it worse though if she hadn't. She was fun and there were scenes about her that were hilarious.It was actually a book that could make you laugh or cry. The pace was okay, but the raunchy scenes detracted from it. They were almost an annoyance to me. I don't mind scenes like that, but sometimes they feel forced and that's how it felt to some extent in 'Frigid'. If I'm perfectly honest, I skimmed over them, because I was more interested in the story line than the racy scenes. So for those of you who like clean novels - this book isn't for you.All in all, I really liked the book and would read another New Adult book from J. Lynn. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves erotic romance, mixed with mystery and adventure.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-